Saturday, 20 April 2013

Slush Syrup - New Flavours

The slush season is now with us and our customers sales are now hotting up. With this in mind, and to maintain our innovative approach to the slush market, we have launched 2 new slush syrup flavours.

The 2 new syrup mix flavours are Sour Apple slush syrup and Orange concentrate. Both of these new additions offer the same amazing flavour quality as the rest of our slush syrups.

Our slush syrups are all made using 100% British sugar, no artificial sweeteners or synthetic sugar is ever used. This means that not only does it make better tasting slush puppy drinks, it also means that the concentrate mix creates a softer product which does not put undue stress on the motor gearbox on your slush machine.

Our slush syrup range is manufactured to the highest standard using high grade food ingredients which have a water to syrup ratio mix of 6 to 1. That simply means for every 1 part of slush concentrate you use, you mix 6 parts water. Our syrups include the following flavours, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, Orange & Mango, Orange, Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Pineapple, Tropical, Pink Bubblegum, Kola Kube, Neutral Base plus a range of cocktail flavours such as Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri and Energy.

Serving slush is profitable, each 200ml portion costs just 6p or 10p if you include the slush cup, straw and VAT. Selling prices range from 50p to £1.00. Plus, if you are in a position to buy your slush in bulk, i.e. 20 cases, we have another 25 flavour options available. 20 cases is in effect half a pallet, buying full pallets means we offer further discounts and your syrups will be made to order and we also offer the option of your own labels, with your logo and details.

SlushCo are national suppliers of slush machine products, slush syrup, ice cream machines, citrus juicers and coffee equipment. We offer a complete beverage solution and supply mainly the UK market but also export overseas to countries such as Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Romania, Finland and Russia. Our sales advisers are always available to discuss your requirements on 08000 14 18 18.

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