Saturday, 26 March 2016

Slush Puppy Machines

What is Slush Puppy? Or is it Slush Puppie? It's often taken for granted that a commercial slush machine is called a slush puppie machine. We understand this because our slush company 'SlushCo' often receives calls requesting details on slush puppy machines.

Slush Puppie is a brand, owned by Slush Puppie, sometimes incorrectly spelt Slush Puppy. As they were the first to market in the 1970's, the name has stuck with retails in the UK and up to 20 years ago, they were pretty much the only brand available when looking to sell slush drinks.

Now there is a wider choice of slush suppliers which range from cheap and cheerful low quality companies, to premium high end slush suppliers of which we are one of. In fact our brand 'Mr Slush' is one of the leading UK slush businesses and certainly one of the better known brands.

With millions of Mr Slush drinks being consumed every year, we offer a superb alternative product, with great value for money because our slush costs in the region of 6-7p per 7oz portion. When you consider these are sold for £1.00, nothing beats the margins available selling our brand.

With 30 flavours available, from traditional flavours, to 99% pure fruit and sugar free options, we offer something for everyone.

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